Mermaid vs Trumpet: Your Guide To These Fit & Flare Favorites

Fit & flare dresses are a popular choice among the modern and fashion-forward bride. While ball gowns are often associated with a regal and fairytale feel, the fit & flare is usually a more sleek, modern option. When it comes to this sought after silhouette, brides have two choices: trumpet or mermaid. If you’ve ever been confused between the two, don’t worry, you’re not the only one! We’re here to break it down so you’ll be fast talking sihlouette jargon in no time.  


This style has become much more popular in the last few decades, as it’s dramatic, emphasizes your curves and really makes a statement! The Mermaid fit and flare gown will stay tight around the body and upper legs and then around the knee, flares out. You can easily remember this style by thinking of everyone’s favourite mermaid, Ariel. The flare is typically distinct and creates an illusion of a “mermaid’s tail”. No matter what body type you have, this style will always outline your curves in the best way possible! Jim Hjelm by Hailey Page masters this style:



This beautiful style has definitely gained popularity among designers and many brides looking for something more fitted but still with a little drama and elegance. The Trumpet style will still be fitted around your body until the mid-thigh area. From there, it will gradually come away from the body and open up, much like the shape of a trumpet. The point as to which the dress starts to flare is much more gradual, but accelerates and opens up dramatically at the bottom.

Pronovias does a lot of beautiful wedding dresses with this style:

Pronovias 1.jpg

Mikaella by Paloma Blanca has also mastered this style:

mIKAELLA 2116 1.jpg
mIKAELLA 2116 2.jpg

Key points to remember is where the flare starts (Mermaid - around the knee; Trumpet - mid thigh) and how dramatic the flare is (Mermaid - flares quickly; Trumpet - flare is gradual). Of course there are always going to be designs that blur these guidelines and not everything is black and white. Which style do you love more?