Our Top Picks for Meghan Markle and the Royal Wedding!


The royal wedding is just a few days away and Meghan Markle must have said yes to the dress! Yet, no speculations can be confirmed until the American actress walks down the aisle on her special day. Extreme levels of secrecy – think state secret – surround the making of a royal wedding dress and we’re stalking every social media channel for hints. Natalie Finn from ENews talked about the two designers behind the iconic Lady Diana’s dress, David and Elizabeth Emmanuel, who ripped up Lady Di’s gown sketch after showing it to the bride, making sure the press couldn’t get their hands on it. They even had fashioned a second back-up dress in case the first one was leaked before the wedding day. We've been in the industry for awhile and we're pretty sure Markle selected her designer months ago, especially when her best friend, Canadian stylist Jessica Mulroney, flew from Toronto to attend the early fittings. Here are our top predictions:

Alexander McQueen 

First on the list is obviously the Alexander McQueen house, an important name in the British fashion industry, which designed Kate Middleton’s dress in 2011. 


 Kate Middleton Alexander Mcqueen’s wedding dress


Erdem – a Canadian brand based in London – could be an interesting choice for the future duchess, who has called Toronto her home for many years. Moreover, not only has Markle often worn Erdem in the past, but the brand recently hired a new PR manager, which some see as a hint to future big announcements. 


Markle wearing an Erdem dress in Jamaica in 2017

Ralph & Russo 

Markle chose to wear Ralph and Russo for her engagement picture, which automatically adds the house to the long list of runners. The Australian brand is known for its elegant, romantic and embellished bridal creations, which would be perfect for a royal wedding. 


Ralph & Russo's wedding dresses

Roland Mouret 

Finally, French designer Roland Mouret is also linked with the wedding due to his close friendship with Markle. The former actress has worn his creations on multiple occasion and the designer has refused to comment. 


 A few of Mouret's wedding dress styles

In 2011, Markle wore a simple, strapless and minimalist dress for her first wedding. Could she follow a similar path for her second marriage? Possibly. In an interview with Glamour, Markle revealed her love for simple and pared down garments with modern twists. Because Meghan Markle has already challenged many royal traditions – firstly by being divorced, secondly by not being British – it wouldn’t be surprising if she selected a much more modern and simple gown than what we are used to by royals. Vanity Fair revealed that Markle will probably wear two dresses, one for the ceremony and one for the reception, following the footsteps of her future sister-in-law. One thing is for sure, like her predecessor Lady Diana and Kate Middleton, Markle’s dress will set bridal trends for upcoming months (and possibly years). Truly can't wait for the Royal Wedding and see what inspirational dress the future duchess will be wearing!